On Saving Marxism From Itself (A Response to Mustapha Mond)

In response to Mustapha Mond’s ‘A Brief Question of Syndicalism’ (4th February 2021), Iain McKay highlights that Marx and Engels, far from being advocates of syndicalism, lacked a commitment to workers’ management. Rather than trying to use syndicalism to save Marxism from itself, McKay argues that it would be better for the socialist movement to learn from their anarchist ‘frienemies’ and escape the deadweight of Marx’s legacy.

On Saving Marxism From Itself (A Response to Mutapha Mond’s ‘A Brief Question of Syndicalism’)

A Simple Idea

While we may not be able to gather as usual this International Workers’ Day, we are marking May Day by bringing you this excerpt from An Anarchist’s Manifesto by Glenn Wallis. Here, he defines anarchism as a set of ideas, as a value system, and as a praxis, considering its resonance at the micro, meso, and macro levels.

A Simple Idea

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