A Brief History of Anarchism in Indonesia

An overview of the history of anarchism in Indonesia, available in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.

‘The state is a slave to capitalism’

Co-authored by Gloria Truly Estrelita, Jim Donaghey, Sarah Andrieu and Gabriel Facal, this article discusses the early roots of anarchist movements in the archipelago in the context of anti-colonialism and nationalism in the late 1800s and early 1900s; details the abolition of leftist movements, including anarchism, in the 1960s; traces the re-emergence of anarchism as part of protest and counter-cultural movements in the 1990s; highlights the shifting forms of state repression in the 2010s; and points to the importance of anarchist critique for the contemporary Indonesian context.

English: A Brief History of Anarchism in Indonesia

Indonesian: Sejarah Singkat Anarkisme Di Indonesia

Also available as an audio podcast in both languages at Anarchist Essays.